The Beverage Industry is constantly evolving to adapt to the never-ending changes in consumer lifestyles as well as to new implemented regulations. At MANE, one of our strengths is anticipating these changes and adapting our flavour solutions to the ever-increasing diverse and unique specifications of the market.

Utilising and capturing the findings of our Global Consumers and Markets Insights network, MANE develops innovative, tailor-made flavour solutions that merge technologies from in-house with those from our exclusive relationships with strategic organisations.

  • PURE CAPTURE™: our broad palette of natural flavour solutions, ranging from "simply" natural to 95/5, FTNF (from the named food) to organic.
  • N-CAPTURE™: our comprehensive portfolio of encapsulation technologies for controlling flavour release, increasing the shelf life of sensitive flavours such as citrus, and improving the usability of our flavours in your end product.
  • SENSE CAPTURE™: our highly efficient flavour solutions that provide exciting sensations (warming, cooling effects, etc.), mask off-notes, and resolve technical challenges (such as sugar reduction).
  • Manufri: our partnership with one of the biggest fruit manufacturers in Europe allows us to offer all-in, simple and smart beverage solutions by combining the in-depth knowledge and control of raw materials with the flavour expertise for creating unique beverage compounds. The synergy between MANE's competence in flavour design and beverage technologies with NUFRI's fruit research, development and production expertise, ensures continuous, new developments of value added beverage solutions.
  • Stevia: MANE has established a close partnership with Stevia Natura, a French company whose expertise is in mastering the stevia supply chain. From the growth and production of the plant to the extraction of high-quality products, all processes comply with the highest industry standards. Together with its partners from Stevia Natura and Stevia Internacional Europe, MANE has also built a consortium which is the first company to establish plantations of Stevia Rebaudiana in Europe (Greece). This set up allow us to have full control of the Stevia Leaf traceability.
  • Ethical Extracts: this strategic partnership, with one of the first carbon neutral manufacturers of tea and coffee extracts, allows us to provide products of the highest quality to our customers around the globe. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to create a full range of concentrates and aromas made from regular blends, single origin or even single estate, which are 100% traceable and sustainable. Our highly advanced extraction process ensures that we capture the full flavour and taste of the raw materials.

MANE’s R&D team relies on a variety of technologies to create an endless palette of solutions to deliver enhanced sensorial experiences.


Consumers want their palates to be stimulated, challenged and surprised… What food segment could be more closely aligned with this quest for enjoyment than that of sweets? The sweet segment encompasses a large number of sub-categories: Sugar Confectionery, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Bakery and Dairy. Innovation in these realms is driven by the constant desire for pleasure. The predominant tonalities continue to be Vanilla, Strawberry, Citrus and Mint, though consumers are now seeking more adventurous flavours, outside of the classics. MANE’s R&D team relies on a variety of technologies to create an endless palette of solutions to deliver enhanced sensorial experiences.

The N-CAPTURE™ platform covers a vast variety of encapsulation technologies delivering sensorial benefits, allowing us to design unique consumer experiences based on multi-sensorial signals (flavour, taste, aesthetics, and texture). In the confectionary realm, sensations play a strategic role. Indeed, controlled flavour release, flavour burst effect, flavour morphing, visual impact...serve as sensory cues that consumers experience and trust. For food and beverage manufacturers, sensations can support several positioning strategies, by creating a more intense sensorial experience, sustaining functional claims or simply rendering a product more unique. With the SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL Platform, MANE has developed complete flavour solutions that generate a variety of sensations, including cooling, warming, tingling or mouth-watering. These flavour solutions are obtained by combining proprietary molecules or compounds with MANE flavours. Indulgence is undoubtedly an essential element for these sweet segments, but with the rise of consumer concern over health implications (sugar, fat, obesity, intolerance…), these categories appear to be veering towards a form of more responsible indulgence.

Consequently, a shift towards Natural, “Clean label”, “Free from”, “Plant-based” and “Better for you” options is expected to play a significant role in new product developments. These trends lead to innovative, new formulations, each with its own set of challenges in terms of taste. To address these taste and flavour challenges and ensure continued development of solutions cherished by consumers, MANE has established a dedicated cross-disciplinary programme.

Sweet Goods

Mouthfeel is yet another element that can be strategically developed to enhance consumers’ experience and fulfill their desire for pleasurable or new textures. MANE has developed countless solutions dedicated to enriching consumer experience, such as ones that mask off notes for plant-based applications or increase fat perception, without providing any additional fat. Furthermore, the Sugar reduction challenge led by changing consumer preferences has become a significant marketing factor in Bakery, Confectionery and Dairy. Companies now strive to offer products featuring “low calorie” or “low sugar” claims. MANE has developed technologies that can modify sensory profiles in order to increase the intensity of the resulting taste. Each of these solutions, ranging from texture emphasis to sugar reduction, are indispensable to sweet segments. The most predominant of which is to satisfy consumers’ need for indulgence, without compromising on health or taste.

Lastly, there will be a continued rise in the use of ingredients from natural sources. Food manufacturers are on the search for the ideal natural flavours, pure extracts, essential oils, fruit juices, sustainable flavours and more with which to infuse their products. MANE has cultivated a long-standing expertise in Naturals, which has allowed us to develop an extensive palette of natural taste solutions under the PURE CAPTURE™ platform with an outstanding portfolio of natural flavourings, ranging from cost effective to premium high performing options and also unique, natural aromatic ingredients under the MANE SOURCE™ umbrella. MANE SOURCE™ gathers together natural aromatic ingredients, providing natural taste coming straight from the food source, such as extracts, infusions, pastes from a large array of food sources (vanilla, coffee, tea, botanicals, spices, nuts…).

Sweet Raspberry


Few applications embody indulgence as well as Ice Cream. Driven by pleasure, this category encompasses multiple industrial segments, as well as artisanal Ice Cream. By relying on its expertise in customer intelligence, MANE develops solutions that meet and surpass consumer expectations. Pastry inclusions, toppings, low calorie or dairy-free options… for each of these trends, MANE provides a solution to fulfil costumers’ expectations in an ever-evolving market. Demand is primarily concentrated around 3 flavours, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, though consumers are open to new gustative experiences. MANE’s innovative solutions can provide a twist to classic flavours or create unprecedented, intriguing combinations. Its portfolio is comprised of ingredients such as fruits, nuts, chocolate, caramel (…) and of indulgence, natural, fruity flavours. This scope is completed by a state-of-the-art Vanilla expertise, with fully integrated capabilities. MANE offers not only flavours, but also 360° solutions, including: pastes, toppings, ripples, rippy sprays, stabilisers, and mixes for soft ice cream… with an innovative approach to taste, texture and appearance.

From developing anything from a unique Vanilla signature to the most innovative flavouring solutions, as well as producing delectable toppings and pastes, MANE offers its customers solutions adapted to all the latest trends in Ice Cream. MANE established the Ice Cream Centre of Excellence (ICE) in 2011, in Bareggio, close to Milano (Italy), the historic region of ice cream. ICE is dedicated to reinventing ice cream through taste, texture, and appearance, infusing this indulgent dessert with ideas from other realms. Supported by a highly-skilled R&D team, and equipped with state of the art facilities, ICE is able to create ice cream, water-ice, sorbets, sherbets, granitas, and shakes.

To further bolster its unique and all-inclusive approach, MANE develops strategic alliances. Through an exclusive partnership in Madagascar, MANE provides the highest quality Vanilla by capitalizing on its historic, natural know-how. With regards to applications, MANE has developed a partnership with Carpigiani, the leader in artisanal ice cream machines, and is an official supplier of the Carpigiani Gelato University.

Sweet  Ice

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