A new tool to support sustainable development

Making great strides to minimise our ecological footprint

At MANE, we believe in creating responsibly, to preserve the earth’s resources for generations to come. Thus, in 2011, we took a comprehensive approach and designed a tool to rate the overall level of compliance with the twelve principles of Green Chemistry of all the ingredients produced by MANE. The tool was named GREEN MOTION™ and assesses the health, safety and Environment impacts of manufactured ingredients for the Flavour and Fragrance industry on a 0 to 100 scale. In its quest to help chemists and formulators to develop solutions in an eco-friendly manner, it integrates the 12 principles of Green Chemistry and allows us to set objectives for continuous improvement. GREEN MOTION™ provides a simple, expedited method to assess the health, safety and environmental impact of manufactured ingredients used in flavours and fragrances destined for use in pharmaceuticals, fine chemistry, natural extraction, biotechnology and more.

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