How we make
sensations last…

By meticulously selecting the most exceptional raw materials and consistently nurturing our competitive edge in consumer knowledge, we add MANE’s singular touch to craft products that embody “l’air du temps”. We believe that singularity is the rarest essence. In our creative centres throughout the world, we transform the mystery of creation into timeless, exclusive perfumes.

Fine Fragrance

Our international perfumers conceive fragrances that embody MANE’s two key pillars: Technology and Creativity. Our Fine Fragrances Creative Studios are based in Paris, Sao Paulo and New York. It is within these studios that MANE has created some of the most prestigious fine fragrances on the market, leading the way to new olfactive territories.

Consumer goods

Our development centres around the world adhere to a multi-local approach, which grants our creative teams the consumer insight needed to merge the essence of local cultures into our creations.

Oral Care

The Oral Care Department, comprised of our dedicated marketing team and laboratories, is part of the Flavour Division. At the regulatory level, Oral Care follows cosmetics regulatory norms, yet formulation is managed by flavour expertise.

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MANE optimises sensory and consumer insights to support our customers in their quest to consistently innovate and design successful products.

Innovative technologies

From science to marketing, MANE teams around the world are dedicated to transforming high-end technologies into exquisite olfactory creations that exceed consumer expectations.

Perfumery School

Apprentices are trained at the MANE School of Perfumery for a minimum of two years, during which they follow a thorough, customised programme that has been perfected over the last 25 years.