Passion is the secret ingredient

Though we may be renowned for our technologies, processes and talented teams, the beating heart of MANE’s organisation is fuelled by unyielding passion. It is this passion and dedication, that of a family, shared amongst our teams, which infuses our every creation. This passion gives us the energy to react and succeed in an ever-changing environment, and allows us to pursue a long-term vision to ensure MANE’s continued success in the future.

We are driven by excellence.

This constant quest for perfection defines every step of our production processes, ensuring that only the most performant, reliable technologies are used to translate our creations into flawless products. Through our unique, holistic approach, we build synergy between our authentic processes, multi-faceted expertise and breakthrough innovation, in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. Success cannot only be defined by technological expertise. That is why at MANE, we carefully select and nurture the best talents to join our teams. These individuals, with their remarkable passion and creativity, allow us to further differentiate ourselves; not just with science, but with heart.

MANE is committed to guarantee that men and women are equally treated. In accordance with the French Law, MANE France calculates its gender equality score “index égalité homme femme” and obtains a total of 98/100. To complete this policy, actions of MANE France were also awarded with the Gender Equality European & International Standard (GEEIS) certificate delivered by “Bureau Veritas”.

Singularity is the rarest essence.

As sensation enthusiasts, we strive to provide exceptional moments in people's daily lives through the timeless flavours and fragrances we create. With our passion, creativity and innovation, "We capture what moves". If you are interested in joining our team of talented, dedicated professionals and be a part of MANE’s tradition of excellence, we invite you to apply for one of our career opportunities, available around the world.