Our activities are mainly linked to the purchasing of raw materials and packaging. The quality of MANE’s relationships with its suppliers helps to sustain its supply chains in the long term. In this way, MANE is committed to building lasting relationships with its suppliers all around the world based on the balancing of their respective interests, trust and reciprocal commitments in the area of CSR.

The Group believes it has a responsibility to influence the actions of its suppliers in terms of both environmental and socioeconomic impact. This ambition aims to incorporate CSR as a key selection criterion for our suppliers, alongside aspects such as quality, cost and deadlines. One of the purposes of the Group’s CSR policy is therefore to « apply a responsible purchasing policy aimed at raising awareness among suppliers of the CSR policy and to assess their environmental and social performance ». MANE expects its suppliers to adhere to the same CSR principles as the company itself. We base this on the Group's Purchasing and Sustainable Development Charter, which sets out the CSR commitments in human rights, labour standards, the environment, biodiversity, responsible purchasing and anti-corruption that MANE wishes to share with suppliers. Suppliers must be aware of the principles set out in these guidelines and commit to respecting them. Respect for these principles is an important criterion in the choice and management of suppliers.