MANE foundation

Michel M. Mane
President of the MANE Foundation

Our commitment is also at the heart of the MANE Foundation’s core principles: to promote, support or coordinate worldwide, projects linked to sustainable development, conservation & sustainable use of biodiversity to reduce poverty through the respect of the traditional knowledge & know-how of indigenous & local communities as well as to partner through multilateral agreements with UNO-linked institutions (Convention on Biological Diversity) and to reduce the carbon footprint of our industrial activities.

Our sustainable development policy:

The MANE Group is aware of its impact on society and the environment, which is why sustainable development is at the very heart of its corporate policy. This policy reflects and makes official the Group's commitment to social responsibility. It represents the cornerstone of our CSR strategy on which we base our Environmental, Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Major Accident Prevention and Food Safety policies.
Our Sustainable Development Policy is based on the following commitments that guide the Group's actions.

  • Answer for the impact our company has on society and the environment in a transparent manner,
  • Always behave in an ethical manner in areas concerning good business practices, particularly in the fight against corruption,
  • Take into consideration the interests of stakeholders and work to respect them,
  • Comply with all local laws and regulations in effect as well as international behavioural standards by respecting the principle of legality,
  • Promote and respect the protection of rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the company's sphere of influence,
  • Include social responsibility in our management system,
  • Develop products and processes that are more respectful of the environment and humankind,
  • Preserve and ensure the sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity,
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of processes,
  • Continue to improve product quality and safety,
  • Ensure the health, safety and well-being of employees in the workplace,
  • Promote and respect diversity in the workplace and fight against all forms of discrimination,
  • Develop human capital by favouring the employability of employees though training and strategic workforce planning,
  • Apply a responsible purchasing policy that aims to make suppliers aware of CSR and to evaluate their environmental and social performance. 

Here are some areas of interest, which together we could contribute to:

  • The gathering of scientific evidence on physiological and cosmetic activities of essential oils and natural product extracts.
  • The local development of new NTFP or NWFP of olfactive and cosmetic value in a sustainable way for the environment and indigenous communities via transfer of ethnobotanical knowledge about traditional use. We are interested in taking part to projects driven by UN organizations such as the FAO, UNEP, UNDP, UNCTAD as well as local NGOs from around the world.
  • The crafting of meaningful innovations and fragrance delivery technologies supporting olfactive marketing and branding strategies.
  • The understanding of the functional and the emotional drivers of the Beauty and Wellness Industry as well as the Food and Beverage marketplace.

If, just like us, you believe in sharing knowledge, know-how and technology, and put your best talents at the service of purposeful initiatives, envisioning collaboration and partnerships with us, fill in this form: