Green Motion

A new environmental assessment tool


Research has always been at the heart of MANE’s corporate innovation strategy.

Today, we are investing 8.5% of our annual turnover in Research & Development activities.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation is to develop chemical processes and ingredients which are safe as well as respectful of the Environment. 

Thus, in 2011, we took a comprehensive approach and designed a tool to rate the overall level of compliance with the twelve principles of Green Chemistry of all the ingredients produced by MANE. The tool was named GREEN MOTIONTM and assesses the health, safety and Environment impacts of manufactured ingredients for the Flavour and Fragrance industry on a 0 to 100 scale. 

The GREEN MOTIONTM rating results from  a multi-criteria methodology using the following approach:
The twelve principles are grouped into seven fundamental concepts; for each concept, different criteria are rated such as the E factor, atom economy, chemical reaction mass yield, origin of the raw materials, hazards and toxicity of reagents, solvents and manufactured product. 
The safer and the less impactful the process, the higher the rating. The assessment process uses a grid with questions and answers. Answering is made easy by either "Yes" or "No" answers, multiple choice, or a number. 

In 2013, the methodology was extended to flavour and fragrance formulas thanks to an internal software in order to encourage formulators to develop greener compounds.

GREEN MOTIONTM is a very simple tool that is applicable to all kind of manufacturing processes: pharmaceutical, fine chemistry, natural products extraction, biotechnology...

From the laboratories teams down to the customer, GREEN MOTIONTM provides in less than 30 minutes a measure of the overall safety of a product, its impact on the Environment and on the health of the people producing or using it.

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