Jungle essence

A breakthrough extraction technology

This breakthrough extraction technology is based on the extractive properties demonstrated by certain fluids in supercritical conditions. Odorous molecules are extracted at low temperatures.This environmentally-friendly process produces extracts of unmatched quality and purity, free from any trace of residual solvent, that demonstrate an outstanding fidelity to the original raw materials´ olfactive characteristics.

Our Jungle EssenceTM nomadic tool allows to obtain sample scale extractions reproduces on sample scale the extraction process which can be performed at industrial production levels. Small and easy to handle, it can be taken anywhere to be used on a wide range of products. From naturals to manufactured items, it captures the scent of a fruit or the taste of a candy. The resulting oil is a true rendition of the original product's aroma.

This unique extraction tool nurtures creativity by providing our Perfumers and Flavourists with new and unexpected scents.

Our production unit in our headquarters in Le Bar-sur-Loup is specifically dedicated to extractions using supercritical fluids.