Our story

From a family adventure
to an international group

In 1871, Victor Mane started producing fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants. Since then, the small distillery which grew successfully to become one of the leading Flavours and Fragrances companies worldwide, has continually been run by the Mane family.

Victor’s sons Eugène and Gabriel modernized and developed the business internationally. Maurice Mane took over from his father Eugène in 1959.

Under his leadership, the Company increased its production capacity, set up research and analytical laboratories, diversified into flavours for the food industry and developed its international network of subsidiaries.

In 1995, Maurice Mane retired to become Chairman of the Supervisory Board, while his eldest son Jean was appointed President of the MANE Group, and his other son Michel, President of the Americas Region.

MANE's unchallenged legitimacy has been based upon experience and the transmission of fundamental values for the past 145 years.