Green Motion 10 years content

"Ten years ago, I dreamt of a tool that would help us measure our efforts to produce greener and safer aromatic ingredients. Together with my teams, we embraced the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to design a simple, yet robust assessment tool, improved and enriched through discussions with our customers, recognised by the scientific community. GREEN MOTION was born! And is freely available on the net since its publication." Jean M. Mane

Created in 2011, GREEN MOTION™ assesses the environmental impact of aromatic ingredients, fragrances and flavours. This tool gives you an easy-to-read 0 to 100 rating: the higher the score, the greener the product, the less impact it has on the environment.

By integrating GREEN MOTION™ in our creation process, we are able to measure our actual environmental impact. Since its creation, 100% of MANE ingredients from naturals to synthetics were assessed, helping our perfumers and flavourists to develop greener compositions and meet our customers’ expectations.

“As we celebrate its 10th anniversary, I am proud of what we have accomplished. I would like to thank our research teams for embracing GREEN MOTION™ as a guidance tool to come up with more impactful and hedonic ingredients which are less greedy on our planet's resources. Not only can we offer greener compositions to our customers, but we have been able to embark them in the challenging journey of sustainability!

I would like to thank these customers for their confidence, guidance and trust; together, we shall continue to design more responsible products and try to build a better world for the future generations!”. Jean M. Mane

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