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From May 31st to June 1st, we had the pleasure of sharing our passion for fragrance innovation at the International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery (SIMPPAR).
We presented a wide range of ingredients from diverse olfactory families and categories, including ROSA LANI ABSOLUTE, JASMINE SAMBAC E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, BLACK TEA EXTRACT, BENZOIN PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, MELBATONE, PATCHOULYL ACETATE, and FLORAPEEL.  

This is one of two ingredients we showcased from the floral family. This surprisingly fresh and captivating new rose extract is sustainably sourced in Moldova with full traceability. ROSA LANI ABSOLUTE has a delicate rose petal scent with a delightful fruity freshness. It has a rich texture and gradually transforms into subtle tea notes with comforting undertones of hay.

The second floral ingredient from our E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ range is the result of an enfleurage technique combined with supercritical extraction. This environmentally friendly process provides a green alternative to absolutes and reveals a scent stunningly close to that of fresh flowers. JASMINE SAMBAC E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ is a gorgeous natural floral ingredient with orange blossom and intriguing apricot gourmand facets.

Our choice from the gourmand family was our powerful BLACK TEA EXTRACT, sustainably sourced in Sri Lanka. The tea leaves are harvested by hand to ensure the highest quality before they are processed into our concentrated extract. This impactful ingredient provides herbaceous notes with fruity hints and smoky facets, reminiscent of strong black tea infusions.

Our newest addition, BENZOIN PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, made its debut at this year’s SIMPPAR. This multifaceted extract, made from benzoin resin, is sustainably sourced in the Siam region. It offers a truly unique olfactory experience, with a warm, gourmand, balsamic profile and a touch of vanilla. Very rich and long-lasting, it evolves into a powdery heart with almond facets and slightly spicy undertones reminiscent of carnation.

The fruity family is increasingly trendy in the world of perfumery. This year we presented MELBATONE, a natural fruity molecule highly valued for its delicious peach scent, accompanied by a delightful whipped cream effect and coconut undertones. It is a versatile must-have ingredient that adds a touch of sweetness and complexity to fragrances, making them more inviting and irresistible.

To expand the perfumer’s woody palette, MANE created PATCHOULYL ACETATE, a patchoulol derivative that contains 83% renewable carbon. This versatile molecule unveils a precious white woody scent with clean notes and mossy tonalities. It provides a delicate cashmere wood profile for a neo chypre effect, perfect for composing clean and transparent woody fragrances.

Last but not least, we presented FLORAPEEL, our non-sensitizing, allergen-free citrus specialty. FLORAPEEL is a blend of MANE captive molecules in the green and citrus family, creating an enchanting fresh note with a delightful juicy pomelo scent and floral hints. This gentle ingredient is a key component when formulating hypoallergenic fragrances, adding a natural zesty twist and sparkling green accents.