CDP2023 Content Image

For the 12th consecutive year, the MANE Group disclosed its data on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) platform. CDP is a global non-profit organisation that encourages companies to publish their environmental data and evaluates their actions to fight against climate change, ensure water security, and preserve forests.

We are happy to announce our 2023 scores:

  • A- in CDP Climate Change
  • A- in CDP Water Security
  • B in CDP Forests (palm oil)

This initiative encourages continuous improvement and increases the transparency of our activities and efforts towards a greener future for our value chain.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our employees, MANE has increased its overall scores in three focus areas. We were able to achieve an A- in CDP Climate Change due to various initiatives and commitments, which included joining the RE100 initiative, committing to 100% renewable sources of electricity by 2030, and implementing a decarbonisation action plan.