MANE rewarded at the HR Innovation award

Two years after being honoured with the Generation Contract trophy, MANE was awarded at the 2017 HR Innovation award by the RHM Group.

In a market where the differentiation on products, means of production, innovation and quality are key factors of success, the commitment and long-term mobilisation of employees bring an additional distinction.

The pursuit of management excellence that seeks to improve the integration of new employees, develop those who have made the company a success and nurture talent contributes to achieving this goal.

The management guide developed at MANE, which is the cornerstone of this approach, has been recognized as a major social innovation: because it allows every manager to know exactly what the company expects of them and, beyond set targets, provides a path to achieving them, and because it focuses on cooperation between managers and employees to foster ongoing progress and positive reinforcement.

As such, this approach, rewarded by the ‘HR Innovation 2017’ trophy, differs from generally existing company guidelines