MANE USA was named one of New Jersey’s Top Workplaces by
Nominations were solicited last year. Energage, an employee-research and consulting company operating throughout the United States, was tasked with getting permission from employers and then surveying employees anonymously. Energage has conducted similar surveys for 50 newspapers throughout the US. They use employee surveys, neuroscience and expert insights to aid companies that are trying to build a stronger workplace culture and engage their employees in an effort to reduce turnover and boost productivity.  Based upon the information included in the survey, Top Workplaces were selected.

The list of New Jersey’s Top Workplaces is based on survey feedback once a minimum response rate was achieved. Similar-sized companies were compared to see how employees perceive their circumstances. “It’s an honour to be on the list and it’s a greater honour to be high on the list,” said Bob Helbig, Director of Energage. “We compared the results we got from New Jersey to what we’ve received from around the country,” Helbig said.

It is an honour to be recognized not only by and its Top Workplaces in New Jersey survey but more importantly by our employees that feel valued and appreciated.
Top Workplaces that were selected usually have stronger culture drivers than those not selected.
Highly engaged organisations are 17% more productive and 31% more profitable than organisations with low engagement (Culture Amp). Companies with engaged employees experience a 26% greater annual increase in revenue and 233% greater customer loyalty (Forbes).
The success of a business is determined by the people and this award was also determined by the people.  MANE USA is greatly honoured to be the recipient of the NJ Top Workplaces award.

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