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In the UK, trends emphasise effective laundry methods but also state the importance of using biodegradable products, promoting environmental responsibility. Also, they advocate for detergents and fabric softeners that clean clothes effectively and impart a lasting and pleasant fragrance, making for a delightful and eco-conscious laundry experience.

Linked with these trends, MANE has created MANENCAPS™ FC CLEEN technology, striking a perfect balance between environmental consciousness and the freshness of scented laundry.

MANENCAPS™ FC CLEEN is MANE’s new next-generation eco-friendly fragrance microcapsule for fabric softeners. MANENCAPS™ FC CLEEN is perfect for clients seeking a sustainable alternative to traditional encapsulation. This new biodegradable microcapsule meets OECD 301F biodegradability standards, demonstrating more than 60% biodegradability within 28 days whilst maintaining the same hedonic sensory perception as our previous version.

With MANENCAPS™ FC CLEEN your laundry will smell and feel clean and fresh week after week while respecting the environment. Moreover, the microcapsule contains our innovative FRESHPLEX™ malodour counteractant solution for maximum efficiency.

MANE is actively working on expanding the use of this biodegradable microcapsule to other product categories to meet future demands for greener products that last just as long.