Sustainability is more crucial today than it has ever been, and upcycling is an important part of that. This is nothing new in the US, where upcycling has long been deeply ingrained in the culture. Upcycling fabrics, especially clothes, and using gentle wash cycles are increasingly commonplace.

To add a comforting fragrance to these fabrics, even during a gentle wash cycle, MANE has developed a natural laundry fragrance booster: MANENCAPS™ FC X2. The fragrance is microencapsulated within the oval-shaped beads and released during the machine wash cycle, leaving laundry with a fresh scent that lasts for weeks.

This innovative and green solution is safe for all fabrics. MANENCAPS™ FC X2 pearls are powered by plants: they are 98% biodegradable, 93% plant-based and made using 93% renewable carbon. Our beads come in a wide range of options, from different colourways (blue, pink, yellow, etc.) to premium, active, and hypoallergenic variants, all of which are manufactured at MANE.

All our fragrances booster scents are eco-designed (GREEN MOTION™ score > 50) and contain FRESHPLEX™ molecules, a malodour counteractant solution. This innovative solution ensures that fabrics will continue to have a pleasant aroma for weeks.