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Mexico a country where sports hold a prominent place. Mexico is home to numerous sporting traditions. More than just a tradition, sports are an integral part of the Mexican way of life, where the emphasis on health and well-being is paramount.

MANE understands the importance of self-care, staying active, and smelling good. However, perspiration can sometimes be a hindrance to this balance, which is why MANE offers a range of innovative solutions for deodorants.

Our team of experts has developed MANENCAPS™ SD. This plant-based and biodegradable fragrance matrix encapsulation technology is triggered by sweat and releases the fragrance for a boost of freshness for hours after application. MANENCAPS™ SD can be combined with FRESHPLEX™ molecules, a technology that uses fragrances to reduce malodours.

Designed by our team of experts, MANENCAPS™ SD is the perfect innovation for deodorants because it's natural and biodegradable. The fragrance is protected by a membrane that dissolves on contact with water, which activates the release of the scent for a burst of freshness.