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Embark on a family odyssey along the Italian coasts where every turn reveals a story. Italy is synonymous with La Dolce Vita: relishing and exploring picturesque villages, sharing precious moments on sun-drenched beaches, and delighting in Italian cuisine. To enhance your Italian road trip further, what about infusing your car with the fresh scent of the Mediterranean Sea? POWERBREEZE™, our in-car fragrance technology, is the perfect solution!

POWERBREEZE™ is a gel technology that diffuses a wide range of fragrances specifically developed for small environments such as cars and bathrooms. This perfume lasts for several weeks at a perfume dosage of 10-40%, adding a unique sensory dimension to your travel experience.

Experience the ultimate in-car fragrance and transform your car into an oasis of freshness with our gel perfume POWERBREEZE™. These gels are perfect for in-car use, being resistant to elevated temperatures up to 60°C. POWERBREEZE™ gels are spill-proof, waterproof, and heat-resistant: they keep their aesthetic over time and can withstand even the most scorching summer days. These gels can be molded into any shape, making them a perfect decorative addition to your car's interior.

An innovative way to make each journey even more memorable.

Experience the difference with POWERBREEZE™ – The future of in-car fragrance