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Well-being is an important part of German culture. For example, the centuries-old tradition of bathing in abundant natural thermal springs is deeply rooted in their culture as it promotes a sense of well-being. What better way to keep this feeling of relaxation than to have fragrances which evoke well-being in the home?

To answer the customer’s needs, MANE has developed the innovative WELLMOTION™ platform, the key to harnessing the emotional power of perfume. WELLMOTION™ aims to translate emotions into tangible experiences using various personal care products such as shampoos, shower gels, soaps, candles, or creams. In other words, the products are designed to evoke a specific emotional response when used. For example, using a WELLMOTION™ reed diffuser perfume may promote a state of relaxation.

WELLMOTION™ is the culmination of cutting-edge research that combines cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. A holistic approach designed to decode the senses and explore the enigmatic link between emotion and fragrance.

To enrich the experience, we can activate add-on modules that enhance the ingredients’ aromachological benefits and how they may be perceived across cultures and countries.

Through its extensive research and development programmes, MANE endeavours to go beyond a cursory examination of reality. It strives to unveil the deeper truths of what the senses can reveal beyond sensory pleasure: a tapestry of emotions that captivate and inspire.