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Traditions from around the world remind us that despite our differences, we are all human. These customs are a way for us to celebrate our past whilst forging a future that embraces the diversity and richness of our world. At MANE, an international company with a 150-year history, traditions and transmission are also a part of our DNA. Our teams of experts incorporate this knowledge in their approach as they endeavour to always create products that respond to customers’ needs.

If we look at Japan, the traditional art of kōdō, literally ‘the way of incense’, and The Tale of Genji, a classic work of 11th-century Japanese literature, both celebrate the art of fragrances in Japan. Kōdō focuses on meditation and scent contemplation, whilst the literary masterpiece weaves captivating stories where scents evoke emotions and character narratives. These treasures immerse us in the world of fragrances and subtle beauty.
Additionally, in modern-day Japanese culture, the Japanese place great importance on hair care and maintaining well-groomed hair. This reflects a traditional Japanese appreciation for cleanliness, discipline, and respect for appearance.

Developed by MANE experts, AQUAFINE™ hair mist is an innovative alcohol-free formula ideal for perfuming hair without causing damage. AQUAFINE™ is a light, transparent, water-based fragrance microemulsion that moisturises and adds shine to hair. It contains botanical extracts that help strengthen hair and add body as well as a conditioning agent that helps soften and detangle hair.

Formulated with 100% biodegradable ingredients and produced through a low-energy and low-carbon manufacturing process, AQUAFINE™ scores 85/100 in our GREEN MOTION™ tool, demonstrating a good overall environmental profile.

Bridging traditions to enrich the lives of consumers is just another way MANE endeavours to positively and sustainably impact our world.