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DELI SPICES and MANE successfully agree on strategic partnership

DELI SPICES and MANE successfully agree on strategic partnership
Cape Town, South Africa and Le Bar-sur-Loup, France – January 20th, 2017

■ Joint-venture and partnership between two family-owned businesses

■ Creating a high-quality, comprehensive and technologically innovative meat and food ingredients supply hub and unique vertical integration

DELI SPICES has a long history in the world of the ingredients for the meat and general foods industry, being present in the meat market for more than 35 years. MANE with this partnership, confirm their interest to develop this market and the commitment with this leading company.

“The strategic partnership that we have entered into with MANE will give us the ability to continue to place a strong emphasis on innovation and expansion. Our customers will now have access to even more leading market solutions, as well as the best products and technology. This all plays into our very ambitious growth strategy, which will be unfolding over the next few years” commented Robin Haller, CEO of Deli Spices.

“I am pleased to be taking our partnership with DELI SPICES forward by acquiring a strategic stake in the group, a long-term partner through the joint-venture we initiated in 2009. This is in line with our strategy to reinforce our commitment to the meat and food-processing industry in EMEA by expanding our expertise in South Africa and in the Sub-Saharan continent” said Jean M. MANE, President and CEO of MANE.

MANE has a strong position in the meat processing industry in Europe with its MEAT Centre of Excellence R&D centres and operations. With this partnership, MANE widens its worldwide map as supplier of blends and unique solutions for the meat market and strengthens its expertise in the domain. Mr. MANE expressed: “I am confident in the ability of the DELI SPICES and MANE teams to create a future together, preserving the knowledge of traditional recipes and creating regional culinary specialties but also adapting them to provide consumer preferred solutions in the region.”

DELI SPICES and MANE enjoy a long-term partnership that sees the coming together of the functional and aromatic expertise of one of the world’s leading flavour houses with the supply of high quality ingredients local market knowledge and access of one of South Africa’s most prominent ingredients suppliers.

The terms of the agreement are not disclosed. The timeframe for closure of the proposed sale will be contingent on customary consultations as well as regulatory approvals.

DELI SPICES is a family-run (HALLER family) group of business that specializes in spices, blends, herbs, sauces, glazes, marinades, breading soups bases and convenience foods. DELI SPICES is a leader in the spice market and the third biggest spice supplier to the meat processing industry in South Africa. Continuing Mr. Walter Haller’s (the founder) legacy, they remain dedicated to creativity, quality, food safety and service. Their headquarters in Epping, Cape Town, with a 12 000 m2 plant has state-of-the-art equipment, training facilities, R&D and quality laboratories. They have a staff of over 500.

About MANE:
MANE is one of the top worldwide leading fragrances and flavours houses, run and owned by the MANE family since 1871. Present in 38 countries with 47 R&D centres and 27 manufacturing sites, MANE has built its growth and reputation on technological innovation, particularly in terms of natural extraction, encapsulation and flavouring solutions for complex formulations. MANE Meat Centres of Excellence provide customised functional and flavour solutions for the meat and meat-free industries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Since 2014, MANE holds a majority stake in KANCOR, one of India’s most prominent extractors, manufacturers and sellers of innovative essential oils, spices and mint ingredients to increase its control of their sourcing and secure their quality as well as traceability. Kancor Ingredients Limited operates a R&D centre and 5 manufacturing sites across India.