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MANE continue its journey in the exploration of cultures through their traditions and heritage in the great subcontinent of India.

During Diwali, the Festival of Lights, traditional aromatic oils are used in the ritual of Abhyanga Snan. This pre-dawn bath purifies the body and mind in preparation for this festival symbolising the victory of light over darkness. The hair oils nourish and strengthen hair, protecting it from environmental irritants and bringing out its natural beauty. In India, hair oils are often used as part of a daily beauty routine to give hair a pleasant fragrance.

The FRESHPLEX™ innovation developed by MANE is an innovative hair care solution for modern hair needs. FRESHPLEX™ not only leaves hair feeling and smelling refreshed, it also reduces discomfort due to heat and humidity. The freshly washed scent leaves hair fresh and fragrant in all circumstances.

FRESHPLEX™ certified fragrances are effective against all types of unpleasant odours, wherever they occur and whatever the reason. MANE has tested the effectiveness of its patented ingredients against representative molecules of unpleasant odours and complex malodours in a variety of situations and conditions.

Drawing inspiration from the past to innovate and promote responsible consumerism in the present is one approach to the sustainability that MANE places at the centre of all it does.