Entrepreneurs Prix

Jean M. MANE interviewed at Radio Classique

Jean M. Mane, president and CEO of the eponymous Company, answered about the key qualities to become a successful Entrepreneur.
Here below, a sum up of the discussion.

JMM : “ Diversification and research are the main engines for the MANE company. They are two fundamental components, in the perfumery & flavour industry.
Innovation has to be permanent. It is essential for the company, in particular for all new products and in fundamental research."

RC : "Could you give an example about innovation at MANE?”
JMM: “In the food domain, we worked on encapsulation processes. There is not just one encapsulation process. We tested and worked on a lot of different processes, such as molecular encapsulation using cyclo-dextrine or controlled release spherical encapsulation.
MANE recently fine-tuned microcapsules for chewing-gums that extend the flavour in time. This has been a major challenge for the past 20 years, and it is a reality today for our customers.”

RC : "Which are the major markets for MANE?”
JMM: “MANE has a worldwide presence, France counting only for 14% of global turnover. The major part of our turnover comes from the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, but over the last ten years Asia doubled its percentage and we made a significant breakthrough in USA and Mexico.”

RC: “Which piece of advice could you give to a future entrepreneur?”
JMM: ” You need the courage to follow your heart and your intuition; both know what you really want to be. Be confident in your idea and in your lucky star and you will find the way to finance a good project. But never forget the human factor and listen to customers to understand their needs.”