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We are pleased to announce that, after being recognised listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO the Perfumery savoir-faire is now recognised by the obtention of the “Absolue Pays de Grasse” Geographical Indication (GI), the 10th French GI since the creation of this official recognition in 2016.
This certification brings to fruition an initiative undertaken since 2018 by the association “Les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse”, with the support of MANE and other local manufacturers.
From the plant’s cultivation to its extraction, this quality label acknowledges the specificity of the terroir combined with local ancestral know-how.
“Absolue Pays de Grasse” GI strengthens the uniqueness of absolutes from the Grasse region by providing great visibility to these products, a guarantee of excellence for consumers as well as a security for producers to sustain their activities.
MANE is proud to have taken part in this initiative which reinforces the Pays de Grasse identity and its influence when it comes to its artisanal know-how and its iconic perfumery plants.
We will seek this Geographical Indication for our Jasmine Grandiflorum, Mimosa, Rose Centifolia and Violet Leaves absolutes.

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