Bwme19 5

REFLECTIONS, The fragrance collection specially curated by MANE for the BeautyWorld ME 2019, is an impactful demonstration of how scent has the capacity to capture a moment.

Childhood stories, recited by loved ones throughout life and carved into our memories, have the power to define us. However, childhood stories are a subjective reconstruction; where the real is mixed with fantasy. Where a drop of joy, fear, love or anxiety often grows and takes over ones entirety.

In this exhibition 12 MANE perfumers, from around the world,  explored ingredients close to their hearts and deeply rooted in the stories of their childhoods. They used these ingredients to weave scents which reconstruct these stories.

The 12 creative scents presented in this exhibition are the conduit, allowing visitors to reflect on their own memories and the distortions that lie within them. Each scent is accompanied by a short blurb, as well as a childhood photo, that helps contextualize the fragrance.

The collection was presented during BWME2019 which took place in Dubai last week from April 15th to 17th. It was attended by visitors from regions spanning the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent as well as Turkey and Europe.

The display, designed by the local architecture firm LOCI, was constructed by stacking hundreds of cubes to create a private space where visitors could smell the scents and experience Reflections in an intimate setting. Each cube had one of its sides facing the interior of the space covered with a mirror. Together the mirrors created a kaleidoscopic effect. At the centre, one could see themselves reflected endlessly.

Overall, “Reflections” provided MANE visitors a unique olfactive experience. To many visitors, it evoked childhood memories and forgotten emotions. As for the team, the event was an opportunity to display MANE’s creative capacity and noble ingredients allowing visitors to explore the power of scents as a medium of expression.

Participating Perfumers: Alex Lee, Arturetto Landi, Cécile Matton, Elizabeth Maier, Julie Massé, Patricia Choux, Ralf Schwieger, Mathieu Nardin, Mathilde Bijaoui, Serge Majoullier, Violaine Collas and Véronique Nyberg.