Rolph Gasparian C Patrick Hanez

MANE participates in the MIP event « Rencontre »

MANE’s perfumer Rolph Gasparian opened the cycle of ten conferences at the “Musée International de la Parfumerie” in Grasse, in the mark of the 10th anniversary of the museum.

Rolph introduced « Tribulations d’un Parfumeur non Grassois » (”Adventures of an out of town perfumer”) and spoke about his passion and career at MANE.

Since he is not a native of Grasse, he exposed the evolution of his perception of the perfumery industry in the region along these years.

He described the different steps of his professional journey from this little lavender distillery in Provence to the ISIPCA in Versailles through Mexico, the US and finally back to Bar-sur-Loup.

His first contact with the city was not a “love at first sight” type of story.

He discovered Grasse the year Patrick Süskind published his famous book “Le Parfum”, and the reality of the town back then was totally different from what he had envisioned through the novel.

At the time, Grasse was suffering from a serious setback: many companies were closing, the flower fields were long gone and it was hard to imagine that the region was the birthplace of perfumery.

During the course of his career, he realized the influence that Grasse continuously had on the perfumery industry. Until now, thanks to industrials who believed in the region and its talents, investing in new capabilities turned Grasse and its region back to “The Place to be” for our industry.

MANE’s perfumer Julie Massé will be the next speaker on the 24th of February.

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