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Gone are the days when customers would buy products without questioning the ingredients they contain, where they come from and what impact they have on the planet. And that’s not about to change. This was clear in a recent survey that we conducted, in which 87% of consumers wanted to know if their perfumes are safe and eco-friendly and whether they harm the planet.

As a result, the perfume industry is rethinking its environmental strategy and joining the ranks of this new customer-led movement fuelled by consumer activism and climate politics. After announcing their ambitious future plans, stakeholders in the sector are preparing to take action. Carbon neutrality, biodegradable products and renewable materials are the next market imperative and the main challenges that the sector will need to tackle in years to come.

MANE’s answer to the need for green and clean products: the ‘cleen’ revolution

Trends for green products have changed over time to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands for more sustainable perfumery. This first took the form of organic, plant-based solutions that were ‘good for you’. However, more informed, health-conscious consumers questioning the origin and nature of ingredients began looking for safer, more transparent products for themselves and their families. This clean trend came about at the same time as the demand for clean labelling.

Now, at MANE, we are taking things one step further, turning ‘clean’ and ‘green’ into ‘cleen’. This marks a massive shift towards sustainability, bringing innovative, planet-friendly alternatives to shelves. An increasing number of perfumes now use renewable, natural and biodegradable ingredients to protect both consumers and the planet. We are at the tipping point of an environmental revolution, but MANE has been proactive in its efforts to find innovative solutions for almost a decade. That’s how long we’ve been providing eco-designed products using GREEN MOTION ™, a fully integrated tool based on the 12 principles of green chemistry.