MANE SOURCE™ natural aromatic ingredients comply with today’s consumers expectations:

  • Taste 100% from the named source
  • Carefully sourced raw materials with full traceability
  • The shortest possible supply chain
  • Use of traditional and cutting-edge technologies, optimising the full flavour potential of the raw material
  • Clear labelling (mentioning the source, no declarable additives)

Extracting natural aromatic ingredients from the finest raw materials is at the heart of MANE’s expertise. Building on 150 years legacy, MANE has been honing extraction and concentration techniques to capture the full complexity of the flavour present in natural raw materials. In order to secure a sustainable sourcing, MANE has tied long-standing partnerships with local agricultural producers around the world, growing the best ingredients.

The MANE SOURCE™ portfolio includes traditional ingredients such as extracts, essential oils and culinary preparations, as well as very recent developments such as botanical water infusions, concentrated vegetable juices and ‘from the named fruit’ extracts.

To learn more about our MANE SOURCE™ solutions, contact your account manager or contact us on this site.