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With more than 150 years of expertise, MANE is specialised in 100% naturally sourced taste in line with the principles of the European Green Deal, particularly the Farm to Fork strategy. The onion, that indispensable staple of all the world’s cuisines, is a good example of this know-how.

At MANE, we upcycle co-products to extract and concentrate taste in intensely flavourful ingredients capable of enhancing an infinite variety of foods. Like all other MANE SOURCE™ natural aromatic ingredients, our concentrated onion juice delivers taste 100% from the natural source.

The MANE SOURCE™ portfolio includes traditional ingredients such as extracts, essential oils and culinary preparations, as well as very recent developments such as botanical water infusions, concentrated vegetable juices and ‘from the named fruit’ extracts.

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Discover on the video below how we create our concentrated onion juice: