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MANE sponsors World Young Chemists Congress and presents research on new molecules

MANE sponsored the “Journée Méditerranéennes des Jeunes Chimistes” (Mediterranean Young Chemists Day) 2014 congress, which was held in Marseille on October 13th and 14th, 2014.

Organised by the PACA-Languedoc Roussillon Young Chemists Club, in association with the “Société Chimique de France” (French Chemical Society), these two days represented an opportunity for young PhD students to present and discuss their work.

On this occasion, two plenary lectures, as well as two industrial lectures were given and Dr. Caroline Plessis gave a plenary lecture entitled "Synthesis of New Cyclopentane Derivatives as Novel Odorants", delivered insights into two major projects recently developed by MANE’s Organic Chemistry Research team.

As a member of the poster jury, Dr. Plessis also had the honour to award the poster prize to a young chemist for her interesting and well exposed work, encouraging her future discoveries.