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On Friday the 18th of June, Ms. Samantha Mane, Director of the EMEA Region, and Mister Alain Croux, Global Purchasing Director, were delighted to join other stakeholders who participated in the application process for the official “Absolue Pays de Grasse” Geographical Indication ceremony at the MIP (Musée International de la Parfumerie) of Grasse, in the presence of INPI Director Pascal FAURE and the Mayor Jérôme VIAUD.

Thank you for making it happen! “Absolue Pays de Grasse” GI strengthens the uniqueness of absolutes from the Grasse region by providing great visibility to these products, a guarantee of excellence for consumers as well as a security for producers to sustain their activities.
MANE is proud to have taken part in this initiative which reinforces the Pays de Grasse identity and its influence when it comes to its artisanal know-how and its iconic perfumery plants.

We will seek this Geographical Indication for our Jasmine Grandiflorum, Mimosa, Rose Centifolia and Violet Leaves absolutes.