MANENCAPS FC X2 Content Image

Discover our biodegradable fragrance booster beads: MANENCAPS™ FC X2.

Their lovely round shape and soft colours encapsulate the fragrance and release it during the machine wash cycle, leaving your laundry with an intense fresh scent that lasts for weeks.

This innovative, green solution is safe for all fabrics. MANENCAPS™ FC X2 pearls are powered by plants: they are 98% biodegradable, 93% plant-based, and made with 93% renewable carbon.

Our beads come in a wide range of options including blue, pink, premium, active, and hypoallergenic, all of which are manufactured in one of our factories in France.

All our fragrances are eco-designed (GREEN MOTION™ score>50) and contain FRESHPLEX™, a malodour counteractant solution.