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Are you environmentally conscious but not ready to give up fresh, fragrant laundry?

We have the solution: MANENCAPS™ FC X2, our sustainable scent boosters for laundry care. This green and innovative solution is safe on all fabrics. Powered by plants, MANENCAPS™ FC X2 pearls are 98% biodegradable, 93% plant-based and made from 93% renewable carbon content.

We offer a wide range of fragrances including blue, pink, premium, active, and hypoallergenic, all of which are manufactured in one of our factories in France.

All our fragrances are eco-designed (GREEN MOTION™ score>50) and contain FRESHPLEX™, a malodour counteractant solution.

Who can say no to fresh-scented fabrics? Laundry scent boosters help towels, sheets and clothes smell clean and fresh for weeks!