MANUFRI: A Story of Fruit

On September 16th, 2013, Xavier Argiles, CEO of NUFRI and Jean M. Mane, CEO of MANE, inaugurated MANUFRI, the joint venture established between their two companies, in Mollerussa, Spain.
MANUFRI was born from the shared vision of two family-owned companies, MANE & NUFRI. The vision: to provide integrated solutions combining fruit juices and flavour know-how for the beverage industry.
MANUFRI designs, manufactures and commercialises high-quality flavour compounds, leveraging assets from its two parent companies. Our added-value proposition comes from the synergies between NUFRI’s fruit research, development and production expertise, and MANE’s competence in flavour design & beverage technologies.
Our facilities are at the heart of a Spanish orchard, assuring total traceability from crop to beverage, with optimum quality and cost control.
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