MANE presents POWERBREEZE™, a long-lasting, diffusive air-freshening technology.

Experience the ultimate in-car fragrance and transform your car into an oasis of freshness with our gel perfume, POWERBREEZE™!

Unlike traditional paper air fresheners, POWERBREEZE™ is made from an optimised gel technology that evenly diffuses a captivating fragrance. With POWERBREEZE™, say hello to up to 6 weeks of delightful perfume. POWERBREEZE™ gels are spill-proof, waterproof, and heat-resistant: they do not change shape or form over time and can withstand even the most scorching summer days.

These gels can be moulded into any shape, making them the perfect decorative addition to your car's interior.

Experience the difference with POWERBREEZE™ – The Future of In-Car Fragrance