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For the first time in history, MANE is offering the industry specialties created with a selection of its captive molecules. Designed with a high level of Bigarane™ for its soft green scent of petitgrain, MANE’s BIGAFLOWER exhibits a floral addictive note with comforting facets. Attractive for its competitive performance rendering and non-sensitizing, this specialty should be widely used to deliver a delightful natural neroli scent. Non-sensitizing, this delightful natural Neroli scent also exhibits a highly competitive performance rendering and can be used in many types of fragrances especially in colognes, chypres or orientals. BIGAFLOWER adds complexity and roundness, softening harsh notes. It also beautifully complements all citrusy notes and brings gourmand, marshmallow-like effects to red fruit accords. 

BIGAFLOWER has been eco-designed using GREEN MOTION™. For more information, please visit our Ingredients page.